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Acoustic Burp is an unsorted collection of inspiring and creative ideas around design and other worlds.
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Material design

1 month ago


Almanacco Bompiani 1962 - Le applicazioni dei calcolatori elettronici alle scienze morali e alla letteratura, 1962, pp. 87-188.

Arguably the first Italian survey of the employment of computers in the field of literature and moral science. Including, among many others, Giovanni Anceschi, Nanni Balestrini, Silvio Ceccato, Umberto Eco, Karl Gerstner, Bruno Munari, Diter Rot.


Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse by Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy

1 month ago

OK Go - The Writing’s On the Wall - Official Video

1 month ago